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Corporate mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and related contract work represents the core of my legal practice. Whether it was during my formative years as a lawyer in New York City working on legal matters arising from Wall Street or at present maintaining a legal practice that operates out of both Calgary, Alberta and Toronto, Ontario and serves business clients the world over, my focus has been on assisting in the advancement of my clients' business interests through the effective application of the law.

The advancement of corporate interests through the effective application of the law is only made possible, in my experience, through a solid understanding of the underlying principles that make businesses succeed. It has in turn become a personal passion to better understand how businesses succeed and fail, in particular with respect to their entering in particular transaction that are intended to profit their business objectives. And it is this knowledge that I am continually striving to bring to my corporate clients' transactions, such that their prospects for success are enhanced. It is an ongoing effort to continually improve the level of corporate legal advice that is put forth.


Court Admissions

Alberta Law Society, Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario), U.S. Court of International Trade, U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Court of Claims, U.S. Court of Appeals: Federal Circuit, U.S. District Court: Southern & Eastern Districts of New York, New York State Court


LL.B. - University of Western Ontario (London, Ontario) 1999

M.A. - University of Delhi (New Delhi, India) 1996

B.A. Hon. - York University (Toronto, Ontario) 1994


Significant Oil & Gas Legislation
Oil & Gas Conservation Act
Transfer of licence
24(1) A licence shall not be transferred without the consent in writing of the Board.
(2) The Board may consent to the transfer of a licence subject to any conditions, restrictions and stipulations that the Board may prescribe, or the Board may refuse to consent to the transfer of a licence.
(3) The transfer shall be in the form prescribed and shall have endorsed on or attached to it proof of execution satisfactory to the
(4) The applicant shall submit the transfer to the Board together with the prescribed fee.
(5) The Board shall keep a record of every transfer to which it has given consent.
(6) The Board may direct that a licence be transferred to a person
who agrees to accept it and who, in the opinion of the Board, has the right to receive it, and the direction of the Board has the same effect as a transfer consented to under this section.
(7) A transfer of a licence has no effect until the Board has consented to, or directed, a transfer of the licence under this section.
RSA 1980 cO-5 s18;1994 c26 s6; 2000 c12 s1(12)
* For the full statute, please click on this link. Nothing should be read in the abstract and specific legal advice is always recommended.

Oil acquisitions into Canada from China - 中国; United Arab Emirates - الامارات / Saudi Arabia - المملكة العربية السعودية , Russia - Россия, Germany - Deutschland

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