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Corporate mergers and acquisitions into the oil patch are an ongoing aspect of the commercial development of the petroleum industry. For it is through such transactions that financial and operational synergies are realized such that oil's potential can be better optimized and the respective players in the oil sector can realize their financial returns from their strategic investments.

Nevertheless, undertaking a viable merger or acquisition is an intricate business and legal process, which is defined by its complexity and the maneuvers that are undertaken by the various parties to the deal so as to optimize their respective outcomes. ....

The energy sector, in particular the petroleum industry, thrives on aggressive mergers and acquisitions that are capable of driving value, whether by the realization of new synergies, leadership, technology or processes. To maximize these business synergies, it is important that the operations are effectively integrated for optimal efficiency. And even though at its very core this is about the oil, the legal component is critical to completing a successful corporate merger or acquisition.

As such, when your company is looking to undertake an oil acquisition or merger, you should be looking to the legal and advisory services of Neufeld Legal P.C. With our primary emphasis on mergers and acquisitions into the Alberta oil basin, on both a national and international level, but also providing important legal counsel for oil acquisitions by Canadian and American corporations overseas, Neufeld Legal P.C. is your source for assertive and knowledgeable legal and consultative advice. Contact us at Chris@NeufeldLegal.com or 403-400-4092.

Significant Oil & Gas Legislation
Oil Sands Conservation Regulation
Pollution control and safety
6 Unless the Board otherwise approves, the operator of an oil sands site producing gas with a hydrogen sulphide content of greater than 10 moles per kilomole, or any lower hydrogen sulphide content that the Board may by order stipulate, shall burn the gas using an incinerator approved by the Board or through a flare line that terminates with a vertical riser of at least 12 metres, or such greater height as the Board considers necessary and is provided with a suitable guard to prevent wind from extinguishing the flame, a suitable pilot and an ignition device to ensure continuous ignition, if
(a) a flare line is installed for routine flaring or burning of gas during normal operations,

(b) a pressure relief valve, rupture disk or burst plate is
installed on a separator or other pressure vessel, or
(c) gas is discharged during any test, cleaning or servicing
AR 76/88 s6
* For the full statute, please click on this link. Nothing should be read in the abstract and specific legal advice is always recommended.

Oil acquisitions into Canada from China - 中国; United Arab Emirates - الامارات / Saudi Arabia - المملكة العربية السعودية , Russia - Россия, Germany - Deutschland

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